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In Data-viu Solutions! We are introducing the Best Tools Available in In the Market. I am writing a blog post. About what are the tools, How to Avail them to use also in writing about Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing What is the best thing you have and where should you go for it? It is a user-friendly site. You can contact me to go to the contact menu and fill the form. I will contact you within 24 working hrs. 

Thank you. I am Rohit Jadhav. A Web developer And Digital Marketer.

Time schedule works

We manage your tasks on time and get them done on time and Deliver them to the Client.

Cloud computing services

We are working with Cloud Computing services in our blogs it can help you with Cloud Services.

Take notes and reminders

We take complete Notes of the work and reminders for delivery. We always Contacted with Client for Better Understanding.

Blogging for better productivty

We are receptive to our clients. Also write blogs, articles, and other services for better Productivity.

Rohit Jadhav

Rohit jadhav

Who am I? I’m Rohit Jadhav. Founder of Data-Viu Solutions. On this Website, I’m Introducing Free Web Tools Available in the market and Cloud Computing Tools, etc. I’m a Web Developer and Digital Marketer


1+ Years of experience with Technical tools, I help is about Technical Support and freely available tools in the market for start-ups.

about me

We have experience with Technical tools, Web Developing, Digital Marketing, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing.


You can contact me by going into my contact menu. fill the form I have been Contacting you within 24 working hrs.